The buildings in which we spend our lives are the intimate shells that surround us as a layer just beyond our physical bodies and clothing. Like our bodies, our homes need to provide both protection from that which belongs outside, and nurturance for what is inside so we can experience replenishment, safety and the joy of self-expression; while our work spaces encourage us toward effective and inspired productivity.

Also like our bodies, our built environs are organic machines in a perpetual dance between birth + entropy, damage + repair, demolition + construction, that serve us better when we maintain their health. Sometimes our spaces fall out of congruence with who we are and what we desire. When we create authentic alignment, it transforms both our physical situation and our inner lives, opening us for greater freedom and peace.

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Susan Hadden

Susan Hadden formed a.Resolution LLC to support our happiest relationships to our buildings. She has an organic approach to architectural design that honors the living Earth along with our innate need for beauty and order; combined with her practical building experience and a realistic big-picture sense of scheduling and budgeting that inform project priorities and value.

Thoughtful conversation can reveal if your need is really about adding a new space or if improved storage, lighting and flow will make the difference you seek. Susan is all about "getting the bones right", while integrating your aesthetic taste. With a collaborative approach, she supports you in realizing a clear and navigable path to a physical environment that matches your desires.