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architectural concierge 

Susan can tailor an array of services to match your needs in a wide range of scale, from assistance with keeping your own projects moving forward to full-service work on your behalf, so you are free to just enjoy the end result.


If you are feeling like your spaces or your possessions are not serving you; if you got stuck part way through an endeavor or even before starting one; if you are overwhelmed by inherited items or photos you care about; if you are too busy or too far away from your property to manage it well; if you are moving or the increasing needs of aging family includes the care of their home, single sessions and on-going subscription services are available related to:


+   personal home management


​+   estate disassembly + transition


​+   scanning + curating archival materials


+   framing + displaying art +


+   organizing, curating +

     conscientious discarding

+   home sale preparation +



"She took the lead and did it all. Great work, great value - the best service at the best price.”



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organize + curate





It is said that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. And wow, do we love our physical stuff! As a born artifact buff and archivist, I know firsthand what it is to have affection for material possessions and the stories we attach to them. I also understand that accumulations which become unmanageable can cause consternation for ourselves and our loved ones.

Our stashes can become roadblocks if we feel we should be able to get things in order by ourselves, yet have not been able to make lasting improvements. Maybe we feel we should get to a “certain point” before we can reach out for help, but if we could, we probably already would have. When it comes to our own stuff, it can be difficult to hold an objective perspective over a sustained period of a project.

Creating order is one of the most transformational and achievable acts we can take on: a physical catalyst to inner peace with benefits that permeate other areas of our lives in an unfolding that will continue to surprise and delight us. When you are ready for support, I am here with utmost discretion and no judgement to help you find a path to a revised relationship with your stuff. I help Clients enliven beloved possessions by displaying, archiving and repairing so they contribute to your life, and discern which possessions need to move on.

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home sale preparation


+   minimize + re-compose using Client’s


+   coordinate with Realtor / Inspector for

     cleaning, painting and repairs

+   schedule packing and moving services

+   maintain presentable conditions if

     owner is not in residence

+   plan layouts and use of spaces in new



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Moving house is a significant life event and time of disassembly that is sometimes accompanied by other major life events. I hold great respect for a Client's relationship with their home and possessions, and am sensitive to the ways that moving can be a vulnerable time of change: leaving the familiar behind while imagining a next adventure. There are numerous tasks to complete to prepare a house for sale while maintaining already busy lives. So while you are looking forward, I attend to that which will be left behind. Using your own furnishings, and even on limited budgets, I can re-style your spaces to create a fresh and appealing sense of its greatest potential and manage repairs with contractors. I am committed to adding value to your selling process so your move goes as enjoyably as possible.


"before / after"


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