Susan Hadden is the daughter of two capable parents whose home was a hive of creative activity and well supplied work spaces: a basement metal shop for her engineer / inventor / boat building father, a chemistry lab for her brother, a canvas of expression for her home-making mother with a well-stocked art table for all. Susan showed signs of interest in architecture soon after her sister gave her Lincoln logs when she was two, followed by her mother’s gift of a metal box containing essential adult tools, all color coordinated teal, when she turned five. Early projects included box forts under the ping pong table, a multi-story self-built tree-house, various modular 'pod' designs for studying and entertaining, a loft she built with her father and series of renovations in her bedroom over eighteen years, influenced by 1970's pop culture.

Susan studied fine art, then earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Penn State University. She has worked as an architectural designer and consultant based in Philadelphia for over thirty years. She brings experiences restoring her parents’ wooden boats, renovating historic buildings, gardening and raising two sons, along with her thrifty and optimistic nature to interactions with clients and contractors.

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Inspirational resources included:

Two favorite books brought home from the 25c "damaged books room" by her mom who worked at Book-of-the-Month Club:

Living on the Earth by Alicia Bay Laurel, Random House 'Vintage books' New York 1971 and now RE-RELEASED on its 50th anniversary!! via Amazon ; and Nomadic Furniture by James Hennessey and Victor Papane Random House 'Pantheon Books' New York 1973.

Various 1970s  home decorating magazines such at "Home and Garden" featuring lemon yellow, rust and avocado green make-your-own: plant hangers, pots, light fixtures, modular storage, repurposed repainted and fabric covered everything.

George Hovacs Lighting catalog c. 1971 (Recently donated to their company archives.)

Spencer's Gifts - Inventory including black-lights, posters, inflatable furniture, and smiley face, peace and ecology sign iconic graphics, lava lamps and oh so much more.

Rosemary House a young Susanna Reppert's earth child inventory under the stairs of enchanted local herb store still thriving in Mechanicsburg PA.


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