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Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Hypothetical scenes scribbled on a long narrow strip of the same paper on which I drew and presented my 1986 thesis project: a hypothetical Adirondack guideboat building apprentice camp.


by Susan Hadden, copyright 2021


Water’s high. Steam follows me from the hot sauna as I run through the remains of winter’s snow into the icy water. The lake is high. Quickly back to the warm sauna. I curl up with a book until the night puts on a show of northern lights.


The house is chilly, but the morning sun bounces off the water in the boat house as glistening ripples on the pine boards above my head promising warmth and a beautiful day exploring. Supper cooked over a beach fire whose sparks fly into uncountable stars. Friends around - the moon rises in front of us washing out the stars. We swim in the black water, each in our own moon path.


The mountains don their flannels and storing wood keeps me warm in the crisp cold autumn air.


Crackles of last night’s fire wake me. I bathe with the warm water in the kettle and put some more logs on. A few hours of ice fishing and back again on snowshoes to the shop.

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