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2019 Chestnut Hill Conservancy Preservation Recognition Award:

​​“I had the great pleasure of working with Susan Hadden on planning the renovation of an old silk mill, circa 1890 which needed to be done with an eye toward the artful, comfortable, light filled, and efficient. Susan not only accomplished the task with incredible skill and sensitivity, but with humor and support for me as I navigated the normally stressful process.  Having been through many renovations, I was surprised to find this one to be actually great fun and even inspiring. It is a very special space and Susan made it happen.”  - Randy

"Susan embedded with me for a full week to overhaul my office. She quickly saw how to get the best arrangement and expand storage and coached me through de-cluttering, setting up a new organizing and even a budgeting system. In what had been an under-utilized closet she herself installed a new shelving system to prevent delays in the project had I hired a handyman. Once she set it all up it was a practical and aesthetic joy! It was well worth some additional travel costs to have this wonderful, resourceful and endlessly creative woman, with whom I had had a happy experience on a previous project, come and turn a major headache into a happy and productive space.”            - Joanne

“As we began to imagine ourselves moving from our three bedroom house to a “micro” apartment, Susan traveled to central PA to help us conceptualize our downsizing process. I then sent photos and drawings of the apartment and she designed simple and effective shelving solution to maximize storage and feeling of spaciousness, along with possible furniture layouts.  We forwarded her professional drawings to the manager and owner of the new apartment who respected her design training and expertise, and installed all. We benefited greatly from Susan’s spot-on suggestions.”   - Cathleen and Jonathan

“Susan is like Mary Poppins. I turned to Susan for help preparing my home for sale. Digging in, she communicated her observations and intentions clearly. Susan quickly and tastefully accomplished the staging of my home so that I could get it on the market and meet my Realtor’s timetable. She took the lead and did it all. Great work, great value - the best service at the best price.”   - Rena

“I hired Susan Hadden to guide me through a series of improvements at my home, an historic former carriage house. Susan obtained various estimates for the cost. She selected and sampled colors for interior and exterior painting, executed the “makeover” of a room into a den and reviewed recommended periodic home maintenance. I cannot overstate my appreciation of Susan’s work, including her inspired and careful attention to detail in all respects.”  - Joe

Charlottesville VA

programing + layout for community pottery

Austin TX 

office organizing + installation

Washington DC

moving support and new space planning

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Flourtown PA

staging, house prep  + move management

Philadelphia PA

renovation of carriage house

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